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What Is CUR?

CUR - The First Smart Pain Relief Band-Aid

CUR delivers the experience of a bulky $10,000 electric pain therapy (TENS) machine applied by a trained medical professional. It is the first ever portable, over-the-counter product that delivers targeted TENS therapy in a form factor that you can use almost anywhere on your body at any time.


How Does It Work?

You feel pain when nerves send electrical signals to your brain following an injury. CUR’s intelligent biosensors deliver targeted electrical pulses (TENS) designed to block the nerve's ability to send pain signals. CUR relieves pain like pain medications do except without side effects.

Step 1

Remove liner.

Step 2

Apply Band at pain point.

Step 3

Apply CUR. Wait 5 seconds.

Where can I place CUR?

CUR delivers TENS therapy, a proven treatment for back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain as well as most types of chronic pain including arthritis.

How is CUR different?

TENS devices used by doctors have advanced settings like waveform and modulation type that make them effective for pain relief but also complicated and bulky.

Portable TENS device are affordable and easier-to-use but these devices are stripped of essential features which makes them much less effective and comfortable.

CUR includes the advanced waveform and modulation settings required for effective pain relief. CUR’s intelligent biosensors adjust these settings to help you relieve pain without drugs.

Back & Neck Pain

Relief from low back, spine and neck pain

Arm Pain

Relief from wrist, elbow and shoulder pain

Leg Pain

Relief from knee, hip and foot pain

Muscle Soreness

Faster recovery from workouts

Adjust easily.

Access advanced settings and learn about your body using the CUR app.

Cur app Cur app

Crowdfunding a new generation of pain relief.

By contributing $249 to our crowdfunding campaign, you’ll help us manufacture CUR and get us one step closer to offering people who live with chronic pain a new way to return to an active lifestyle. For your contribution, you'll receive the option of owning a CUR in December 2015 after we receive our FDA clearance.


What's Included?

  • CUR Sensor
  • 2 packs of Gel Bands (stay attached during sports)
  • Charging Case (use to Charge CUR in minutes)
  • Case cable & adapter
  • Set-Up Instructions
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
Cur device
Offer available for a limited time only.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

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How does CUR work?

CUR delivers electrical pulses that confuse nerves and relieve pain. Learn more here

What types of pain can I use CUR for?

TENS therapy has been proven to be effective for neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain as well as most types of traditional chronic pain including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We'll refund your money within 60 days of CUR's arrival if it doesn’t meet your needs. No questions asked.

Does CUR have side effects?

TENS has no serious side effects or addictive potential typical of pain medications.

How is CUR different from other TENS machines?

It measures your muscle's responses and where it is on your body to deliver settings that provide effective relief.

What does CUR feel like?

The stimulation feels like a gentle tingling or light vibrating sensation similar to a light massage. The intensity of this feeling may be adjusted up and down with “+” and “-“ buttons or with the CUR app.

How long is a typical treatment session?

A typical TENS treatment session lasts 30-60 minutes. It’s different for everyone but some TENS users find using treatment for 60 minutes a day resolves their pain for hours and sometimes days after a session.

How long does the CUR battery last?

CUR has a 3 hour battery life and can deliver over 30 hours of continuous therapy when used with the accompanying charging case.

How often do I need to replace the Gel Bands?

Each Gel Band lasts 2 weeks of daily use. Each pack (2 Bands per pack) provide one month of continuous therapy.

Should I buy 2 CURs?

With 2 CURs, you can use treatment for 30 hours straight by always having one ready to use in the charging case. This can be useful for people that need to use therapy for more than 3 hours at a time.

How long does the Cur battery last?

CUR has a rechargeable battery with a 3 hour life, lasting six 30-minute therapy sessions between charges.

Can I use two or more CURs at once?

TENS has been proven to be safe to use on multiple locations of the body at once. It is common to use two sets of TENS electrodes in a single area when applying TENS therapy for rehabilitation purposes.

How is CUR different from other TENS devices?

CUR delivers the experience of a $10,000 pain therapy (TENS) machine applied by a trained medical professional. It is the first over-the-counter product to deliver accurate TENS therapy in a form that you can use almost anywhere on your body.

How quickly could I experience relief?

While results may vary, TENS therapy has been shown to deliver an initial wave of pain relief within a few seconds after therapy is adjusted to an accurate setting.

Do I need the CUR smartphone app to use CUR?

No, the CUR app is not necessary but does allow you to adjust therapy easily and discreetly with your iOS or Android device.

When will the device ship?

By supporting this campaign you will have option to receive a CUR device after FDA 510(k) clearance (anticipated in Nov 2015)

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us with any other questions (or suggestions) you may have.