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Live it without pain.

To the back pain sufferer:

If you’ve watched the video above, you might be thinking -- that was really cool, but will this thing really work for me?!

I imagine as someone that lives with back pain, you have been promised millions of times about some ‘miracle cure’ or treatment that will let you live a joyful life without an aching back. You’ve tried medications and visited lots of doctors and every step of the way you’ve spent lots of money with little to no results. As pain sufferers ourselves we intimately understand this process. We know how lonely it can be.

We can’t promise that Cur will work for you but what we will guarantee is that we won’t take your money if it doesn’t help you feel better. We offer 100% cash-back if you aren't satisfied, no questions asked. Bold statement? Not really. Pain treatments don’t always work and if you decide to help us, we better be in a position to help you.

We’ve also seen how insanely effective electrical stimulation can be for relieving pain. Did you know that doctors of the top NBA and NFL teams use electrical stimulation to treat pain and swelling? It's popular among athletes because it's often extremely effective and has no side effects. Cur makes this technology as easy to use as a bandage so you can treat pain and recover the same way the pros do. All you have to do is apply Cur like a band-aid it and wait 5 seconds for results.

Still too good to be true? Actually, this time you’re right. While the value from Cur can be pretty insane, the Cur product is not cheap to produce. We are now $50,000 short of the money we need to build our first 500 units of Cur and we want your help to solve this problem. In exchange for receiving one of the first Cur units, we are offering you the option to own a cur for only $149 or 50% off the final price.

Why are we doing all of this? It's because we lived with pain ourselves, for years and years, and nobody told us about TENS treatment. We believe that Cur can help millions of people live a happier, more active lifestyle. Patients today are not given many options besides drugs or surgery. By supporting our campaign, you will be helping us in our efforts to provide the most reliable TENS therapy ever, for you and millions of others like us.

I’m sure you have other questions. Please read through the rest of the site and feel free to contact us if we aren’t answering them. We want to help. It’s why we are here.

If Cur sounds like something that could change the way you live, please contribute to our crowdfunding campaign. With your contribution you will receive the chance to own Cur in December 2015, six months before it hits stores.

Meet Cur

Cur is the first over-the-counter form of electrical stimulation therapy, a form of pain therapy used by the doctors of top NBA/NFL teams to treat pain and swelling. See if Cur can help you>


How Cur works.

Did you know that pain drugs can cause physical stress to your body that can worsen your chronic pain condition over time? Cur sends gentle electrical pulses to your nerves to stimulate the production of natural painkillers, called endorphins. This form of treatment has been shown to provide near-instant pain relief that lasts for hours and sometimes days after a 30 minute treatment session. Cur allows you to experience electrical stimulation therapy in a simple and reliable way for the first time ever.

TENS therapy demo

Self-adjusting technology

How is Cur different?

Did you know that pain medications can cause physical stress to your body that can make your pain worse over time? Cur stimulates the body to produce natural painkillers called endorphins. In this way it treats pain in the same way that pain medications do except without any risks or side effects. Cur make electrical stimulation therapy simple and reliable so you can experience this type of relief outside of a medical clinic for the first time ever. Learn more

Live without pain

Super small and portable

Work without pain

Treat pain and stay busy without drugs

Parent without pain

Pick up your kids without thinking about pain

Play without pain

Use Cur to live a more joyful, pain-free life

Adjust easily.

Access advanced settings and learn from the way Cur analyzes your body to deliver therapy.

Cur app Cur app

Crowdfunding a new generation of pain relief.

By contributing $149 to our crowdfunding campaign, you’ll help us manufacture Cur and get us one step closer to offering people who live with chronic pain a new way to return to an active lifestyle. For your contribution, you'll receive the option of owning a Cur in December 2015 after we receive our FDA clearance.

Cur device
Offer available for a limited time only.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Cur work?

Cur delivers TENS which inhibits the nerves to relieve pain. Learn more here

What types of pain can I use Cur for?

TENS therapy has been proven to be effective for neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain as well as most types of traditional chronic pain including arthritis and fibromyalgia.

What if it doesn't work for me?

We'll refund your money within 60 days of Cur’s arrival if it doesn’t meet your needs. No questions asked.

Does Cur have side effects?

TENS has no serious side effects or addictive potential typical of pain medications.

How is Cur different from other TENS machines?

It measures your muscle's responses and where it is on your body to deliver settings that provide effective relief.

What does Cur feel like?

The stimulation feels like a gentle tingling or light vibrating sensation similar to a light massage. The intensity of this feeling may be adjusted up and down with “+” and “-“ buttons or with the Cur app.

How long is a typical treatment session?

A typical TENS treatment session lasts 30-60 minutes. It’s different for everyone but some TENS users find using treatment for 60 minutes a day resolves their pain for hours and sometimes days after a session.

How long does the Cur battery last?

Cur has a 3 hour battery life and can deliver over 30 hours of continuous therapy when used with the accompanying charging case.

How often do I need to replace the Gel Bands?

Each Gel Band lasts 2 weeks of daily use. Each pack (2 Bands per pack) provide one month of continuous therapy.

Should I buy 2 Curs?

With 2 Curs, you can use treatment for 30 hours straight by always having one ready to use in the charging case. This can be useful for people that need to use therapy for more than 3 hours at a time.

How long does the Cur battery last?

Cur has a rechargeable battery with a 3 hour life, lasting six 30-minute therapy sessions between charges.

Can I use two or more Curs at once?

TENS has been proven to be safe to use on multiple locations of the body at once. It is common to use two sets of TENS electrodes in a single area when applying TENS therapy for rehabilitation purposes.

How is Cur different from other TENS devices?

Cur delivers the experience of a $10,000 pain therapy (TENS) machine applied by a trained medical professional. It is the first over-the-counter product to deliver accurate TENS therapy in a form that you can use almost anywhere on your body.

How quickly could I experience relief?

While results may vary, TENS therapy has been shown to deliver an initial wave of pain relief within a few seconds after therapy is adjusted to an accurate setting.

Do I need the Cur smartphone app to use Cur?

No, the Cur app is not necessary but does allow you to adjust therapy easily and discreetly with your iOS or Android device.

When will the device ship?

By supporting this campaign you will have option to receive a Cur device after FDA 510(k) clearance (anticipated in Nov 2015)

Other questions?

Feel free to contact us with any other questions (or suggestions) you may have.